Counseling -mail&message

Email and Message Counseling

What is email and message counseling?
This is a consultation method in which you exchange messages with a counselor on a dedicated page during the period.
By putting your worries and problems into words, you can sort out your problems, deepen your understanding of yourself from the perspective of a specialist, and gain new insights.

Recommended for

I don’t need to go to a psychotherapist, but I would like to discuss something

I’m not good at speaking, and I don’t speak well in person.

I’ve been to counseling in the past, but they didn’t understand me.

I want a third party I can easily talk to.

Benefits of email and message counseling



Feel free to consult an expert.

There are many people who have something they want to discuss, but feel uncomfortable about going to a psychosomatic medicine clinic. You can talk to a professional counselor in the form of a message.



You can think carefully about what you want to say.

In face-to-face counseling, it is difficult for people to be able to convey their thoughts 100%.
You can slowly organize your thoughts and communicate them in a calm place and timing.

Usage fees

Try it out first

3 sessions/3,000 yen(3,300 yen including tax)

Solve your problems
1 month

8 sessions/20,000 yen(22,000 yen including tax)


Two months to face myself.

16 sessions/35,000 yen(38,500 yen including tax)

How to Use


Select a course

There are three courses available depending on the length of time you wish to consult.


Reservation and application

Decide on a date and apply. After you sign up, send a message to the counselor. During this period, you will exchange messages with the counselor on a dedicated page.